Hamline Alumni Protesting

Make your Call Today: Hamline Alumni Demanding a Stand Against Discrimination

Hamline Alum, Peter Koziol, started a facebook event that would encourage Hamline alumni to call the President / Alumni Relations to express their disapproval of the neutral stance AND their refusal to give money to Hamline University unless the University reconsiders their neutral position.

Hamline alumni are calling on Hamline University to oppose the same-sex marriage amendment.

This is what the facebook event said:

UPDATE: Word on the street is that the administration is freaking out about the alumni backlash. We’re already succeeding! If you haven’t yet, pick up the phone. Invite your friends and family to call too.

Who to Call:
Tony Grundhauser, Vice President for Development and Alumni Relations

651-523-2730Linda N. Hanson, President

And a sample script:
“Hello, my name is [ ] and I’m an alumnus/a from the [Class of 2012]. I’m calling to let you know that I was very disappointed to see that the administration has refused to take a principled stance against enshrining discrimination in the state constitution. This is an issue of basic human rights, and to live up to Hamline’s mission and values, it is important for Hamline to come out against an amendment that would make many in the community into second-class citizens. I am calling to pledge that I will not donate to the school until it makes a statement opposing this discriminatory amendment.”

Feel free to say this however you want, but the more calls we make the bigger impact we’ll have.

PS, Remember to be polite to the people answering the phones. They aren’t the ones making bad decisions.


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